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1. Book collection catalogue: Western book art since c.1450: 80,000 objects (incunabula, post-incunabula, early printed books, rare and precious works from the nineteenth century, industrial bookbindings.

2. manuscripts catalogue: c. 340 manuscripts dating from the sixth to the nineteenth century, including Books of Hours, theological and Bible manuscripts, historical and numismatic works.

3. Catalogue of other collections: archives, letters, ex libris, coins. Via the advanced and expert search options the collections can be searched separately.
a. Archives: 11,000 archives and archivalia of type and book designers and publishers (with the emphasis on the Netherlands) since 1850, including the collections of Van Royen, Strens, Brusse, and Van Goor.
b. Letters: 10,000 letters from 1870 onwards written by persons including Friedlaender, Sandford, Van Royen, Buckland Wright, Pissarro and Stols. See also: Archives.
c. Ex libris: 330,000 bookplates and small prints.
d. Coins and medals: 10,000 antique coins and early modern medals.

Not in the catalogue: The other objects from the collection of Baron Van Westreenen are not (yet) searchable online. For these, see the tab marked Introduction (http://www.catalogus.meermanno.nl). The inventory of the Van Westreenen and Meerman family archives can be consulted here.