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Catalogue Museum Meermanno

Museum Meermanno’s online catalogue provides access to its collection: books, manuscripts, coins and medals, letters, archivalia dealing with book design, bookplates and small prints. The collections can be searched separately using the Advanced and Expert search options.

1. Book collection catalogue: Book collection catalogue: Western book art since c.1450: 80,000 objects: incunabula, post-incunabula, early printed books, auction and antiquarian catalogues, rare and precious works since the nineteenth century, modern bibliophile works, industrial bookbindings, artists’ books, children’s books, illustrated books and relevant reference works.

2. Manuscripts catalogue: c.340 manuscripts ranging from the sixth to the nineteenth century, including Books of Hours, theological and Bible manuscripts, historical and numismatic manuscripts. Records of the medieval manuscripts are also available at the Medieval Manuscripts in Dutch Collections website (http://www.mmdc.nl) . The images from the illuminated manuscripts may be found at the Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts website (http://www.kb.nl/manuscripts/).

3. Catalogue of other collections: archives, letters, bookplates, coins.
a. Archives: 11,000 archives and archivalia on lettering artists, book designers and publishers, book art and typography (with the emphasis on the Netherlands) since 1850: sketches, proofs, graphic designs, letters, posters, calendars, prospectuses, including the collections of J.F. van Royen, Eugène Strens, Brusse Publishers, and Van Goor Publishers.
b. Letters: Letters: 10,000 letters from 1870 onwards written by persons including Henri Friedlaender, Christopher Sandford, J.F. van Royen, John Buckland Wright, Lucien Pissarro and A.A.M. Stols. See also: Archives. Letters from the collection of Baron Van Westreenen are accessible through the CEN (Corpus Epistolarum Neerlandicarum).
c. Ex libris: Ex libris: 330,000 bookplates and small prints, including the Beels, Schelling, Schwencke, Strens and Verster collections.
d. Coins and medals: 10,000 coins and medals, including 9,000 from classical antiquity.

Not in the catalogue:
The other objects from the collection of Baron Van Westreenen (paintings, antique objects) are not (yet) searchable online. For these, see:
R.E.O. Ekkart: Catalogus van de schilderijen in het Rijksmuseum Meermanno-Westreenianum . ’s-Gravenhage, Staatsuitgeverij, 1987
F.J.E. Boddens Hosang: De Egyptische verzameling van Baron van Westreenen = The Egyptian collection of Baron van Westreenen . ’s-Gravenhage, SDU, 1989
M.C. Galestin: De Griekse oudheden . ’s-Gravenhage, Rijksmuseum Meermanno-Westreenianum, 1977.

Please direct all your questions to the Collection Management Department at bibliotheek@meermanno.nl.

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The question icon help image in the upper right-hand corner of the website page has tabs leading to specific help texts on the use of the online catalogue. In addition, the advanced and expert search options provide extra information about entries searchable using the field name or the icon preceding the field name.